The most advanced email suite
built for security & compliance

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We are building the most secure enterprise email & collaboration suite on Zero-Trust Architecture with
AI-embedded security.

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Scalable from startups to enterprises

Enterprise-grade integrations & configurations

Modern user experience

Lower email security TCO

The Legacy

Existing mail providers are the biggest risk vectors enterprises carry


>90% of all cyber attacks are enabled by email


4-in-5 enterprises have moved out email security from existing mail providers


Inflated security costs up-to 2 times the license fees

Delayed patch roll outs for Zero-day vulnerabilities

Built-in security is not enough to stop sophisticated AI attacks

Shared responsibility model unsuitable for evolving threats

The Raven Mail Difference

Built for modern organizations

Existing mail systems were built in an era where security culture is an after-thought. We are building for modern orgs where security is part of the culture, code and products.

Zero-Trust infrastructure

AI-based threat monitoring

Context aware security

Unified security across the suite

Immutable logs & audit trails

AI-Admin for SOC Operations

The Raven Mail Difference

The Approach

Security spanning from protocol to people behaviour

Email is the weakest link in cyber security, when email security fails every other security eventually fails. We want to build optimise for security in every layer in the email infrastructure right from protocols to shaping people behaviour.

Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond (PPDR) in every layer

Advanced cryptography & encryption techniques

Personalised security graph for every organization

Fastest roll out of threat updates

Embedded simulation & nudges

Automation of MailSecOps for MSPs & Admins


Join us in fortifying the future of email

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Designing & developing a smart and secure email platform requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. We’re always looking for curious minds that challenge the norm to join our team.

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